Comp Teams


U9 (2009)

Coach: Steve Nelson

Coach: Scott Bird

Coach: Juan Vargas

U10 (2008)

Coach: Steve Newman 

Coach: Brandon Spencer

​U11 (2007)

Coach: LeShell Murray

U12 (2006) 

Coach: Steve Nelson

U13 (2005)

Coach: Derek Morton  

Coach: Brandon Jones

U14 (2004)

Coach: Jason Murray  

U15 (2003)

Coach: Spencer Davis 


U9 (2009)

Coach: Tom Clift

U10 (2008)

Coach: Curtis Nielson

Coach: Kenton Call

U11 (2007)

Coach: Jessica Miles

Coach: Derek Morton 

U12  (2006)

Coach: Steve Newman

Coach: Randall McUne 

U13 (2005)

​Coach: Corey Judd

U14 (2004)

Coach: Francy Merdes 


U15 (2003)

Coach: McKenzie Hadley

U16 (2002)

Coach: Steve Newman

​U17 and U19 (1999-2002)

Coach: Scott Kamachi

Coach Licensing

If interested in being a comp coach you are required to have an "E" License.  Before you can get an "E" License you must get an "F" License.  All information about getting the "F" coaching license can be found on this link.

Competitive Soccer

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Club Uniforms!

We will now have a CCFC Club uniform to be able to club pass easier and to make us more unified.  Team Managers will be setting up an account for each parent so you can order your child's uniform plus any other CCFC apparel you would like!


If you need extra socks, we've got some on hand. Please click on the button for the size and color and pay for them. Then send us an email at to pick them up.


You MUST have a code from your coach before you can register and you must email your birth certificate in to the registrar by the last day as well to be completely registered.

Registration fees: $160 UYSA fee,

                             $40 Legacy Fields fee,                                        $60 club fee 

Our $60 club fee goes towards a Director of Coaching, coach licensing and training, keeper clinics, and equipment for coaches, repair goals, and referee training so we can have games in Cedar City.



Competitive Soccer is for U9 and up.   Games are played in Cedar, St. George, and Mesquite. 

CCFC - Color Country Fútbol Club