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CCFC - Color Country Fútbol Club

Goalie Wars registration is open to any CCFC member, rec. or comp, who either plays goalie on their team or would like to try to play goalie!  Schedules with time slots for each age group will be posted on this page. Prizes and certificates will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place in each division.
To register, you MUST fill out the form to reserve your child's spot in the tournament.  Your child must be born in 2009 or earlier to participate.  We will need 3 adult volunteers to help on each field. Please email ccfutbolclub@gmail.com if you can help. 

CCFC Goalie Wars Rules 2019

The Field of Play:
A Goalie War field is 20-28 yards long by 22-30 yards wide depending on the player’s age.  The Goalie War field is divided into two halves by a halfway line. 
The Number of Players:
A Goalie War is played by two players.  
The Ball:
Four balls per field will be provided by the Tournament.  Only one ball at a time is permitted on the field of play during a Goalie Wars match.
Duration:  1-2 minutes depending on how many register
The keeper with the most goals wins.
Start of Play:
The ball will be placed on the center mark of the field.  Each Keeper must stand behind their respective goal lines. The Referee blows the whistle to start play. The player that reaches the ball first will initiate the distribution that starts the war.  A player is not allowed in the opposing player's half of the field. 
Method of Scoring:
Distribution is the method by which goals are scored.  A player may distribute the ball in any of the following ways:  throwing, punting, rolling, punching, kicking, drop kicking or heading.  A player may only distribute the ball once during their possession.  A player must distribute the ball within 6 seconds of taking possession.   A goalkeeper is not allowed in the opposing players half of the field.  If a successful save is made, play continues without hesitation or pause.  If a rebound occurs that crosses the midfield line, only the goalkeeper whose half of play the ball is in has rights to the ball.  A goal is awarded when the entire ball crosses the goal line, play is restarted by the scored upon goalkeeper.  In the event of a goal or out of bounds, play is resumed from the goal line or end line by the goalkeeper owning the rights to the ball. The player scoring the greater number of goals during the Goalie War is the winner.   A win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 points.  The top 2 in points in each division will play each other in a championship match.  In the event of a tie at the end of the match it will go straight to golden goal.  The field manager will yell golden goal at the end of the initial time to let the keepers know to keep playing until a goal is scored.  The first goal wins the round.